Russia St Petersburg

Tapestries were produced at the St Petersburg Imperial Tapestry Factory from 1716, when it was established by Peter the Great (1672 – 1725). At this time, craftsmen had been trained by weavers from Beauvais, under Philippe Béhagle (1641 – 1705), and from the Gobelins.  The St Petersburg manufactory produced a number of important tapestries in the 18th century and continued until work was suspended in the middle of the 19th century.

Lady in a Turban - Possibly Beatrice Centi (1577 – 1599) after Guido Reni

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Rare Alentour Portrait Tapestry
One of three tapestries woven for Pavlovsk Palace
St Petersburg, Russia, Late 18th Century
7ft 9in width x 9ft 1in height
2.34m x 2.77m