Pairs/Sets of Tapestries

Many tapestries, if not most, were designed as parts of chambers or sets, designed to decorate an entire room.  Few complete sets remain intact.  More frequently pairs of tapestries will appear from a dispersed set but each panel will be of a different design.  An exception may be a pair of armorial tapestries where the coats of arms may be identical.

Ports de Mer

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Unique and Spectacular Louis XIV Tapestry Room Set
Beauvais, France, circa 1690
Designs attributed to Joseph van den Kerchose and Adrien Campion
Cartoons by Simon du Pape
Woven under the direction of Philippe Behagle
1.7ft 11in width x 8ft 1in height
2m41 x 2m46
2.  10ft 11in width x 8ft 3in height
3m33 x 2m51
3.  15ft 0in width x 8ft 0in height
4m57 x 2m44

  • L'Amour Moissonneur and L'Amour Vendangeur

    L'Amour Moissonneur and L'Amour Vendangeur

    Price on application


    A Fine Pair of Louis XV Dessus de Porte
    Designed by François Boucher (1703-1770)
    Beauvais, circa 1770
    Each: 4ft 3in width x 3ft 3in height
    1.30m x 0.99m

  • Duck Shooting and Rabbit Hunting

    Duck Shooting and Rabbit Hunting


    Rare Pair of Hunting Tapestries
    Antwerp, circa 1590
    Each: 8ft 5in width x 10ft 3in height
    2.57m x 3.12m