Northern Netherlands Delft Gouda

Although some interesting tapestries were produced in Holland in the second half of the 16th century, it was the migration north caused by the religious wars that enabled Delft to become a centre of international importance.  François Spiering (c1550 – 1620), a weaver operating from Brussels and Antwerp, fleeing religious persecution was given premises in 1592 in the St Agnes Convent in Delft.  From the late 1580’s until his retirement in 1620, he produced the greatest tapestries in Europe.  His patrons were mostly protestant rulers and aristocrats.  The most famous series, now lost, was the Armada tapestries for Lord Charles Howard in 1588.  Queen Elizabeth herself coveted them.  The famous Sea Battles of Bergen op Zoom, fortunately survive in the Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg.  Spiering also produced numerous tapestries for Prince Maurits of Orange, and the States General including The Story of David, The Story of Scipio, and The Story of Diana.  Other clients included King Christian IV of Denmark and 42 pieces were commissioned by King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden.  As designers for his tapestries, Spiering employed artists such as Karel van Mander the Elder (1548 – 1606), Karel van Mander the Younger (1579 – 1623), and Hendrik Corneliz Vroom (1566 – 1640).  Other centres in Gouda, Amsterdam, also flourished, especially in the production of exquisite tables carpets, cushion covers, valences and upholstery.

Saint Peter Denies Christ

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Possibly woven in the workshops of François Spiering
(with original selvedges)
Delft, 1625 – 1630
6ft 1in x 4ft 8in (framed)
1.86m x 1.42m

  • The Liberation of Oriane

    The Liberation of Oriane


    Delft Tapestry, circa 1590
    Designed by Karel van Mander (1548 – 1606)
    From the series: Amadis de Gaul
    Woven by François Spiering (c1550 – 1620)
    13ft 2in width x 11ft 3in height
    4.01m x 3.43

  • Scenes from the Life of King David and Scenes from the Life of Jephthah

    Scenes from the Life of King David and Scenes from the Life of Jephthah

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    Suite of Twelve Tapestry Covers
    Northern Netherlands, Delft or Gouda, after 1630
    6ft 10in width x 4ft 10in height
    2.08m x 1.47m