Gods Heroes Mythology

Myth provided a rich source for all the figurative arts where the exploits and conflicts of gods, demi-gods and human heroes fired the imagination.  Most famous is perhaps The Trojan War, among the greatest of tapestry sets of the late 15th century.  In the 16th century, The Story of Perseus and of Vulcan and Venus, The Labours of Hercules, are memorable and in the early 17th century Peter Paul Rubens’ Life of Achilles.  Interest in these themes did not diminish and Louis XIV ordered the reweaving of the monumental 16th century designs, The Triumphs of the Gods.  In the 18th century François Boucher was commissioned to produce a series, entitled The Loves of the Gods.

Callisto and Diana

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Beauvais Tapestry
From the series: The Loves of the Gods
France, circa 1690
12ft 5in width x 10ft 2in height
3.78m x 3.10m

  • The Chariot Race of Pelops and Oenomaus, King of Pisa

    The Chariot Race of Pelops and Oenomaus, King of Pisa

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    Brussels Tapestry, circa 1540
    12ft 9in width x 11ft 3in height
    3.89m x 3.43m
    Duke of Sutherland
    Getty Collection, Sutton Place

  • Aphrodite Protects Paris from Menelaus

    Aphrodite Protects Paris from Menelaus


    Brussels Tapestry, Mid 18th Century
    Bearing the Arms of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (1717 – 1780)
    From the series: The Trojan War
    Woven by Peter van der Borcht (signed)
    8ft 10in width x 11ft 2in height
    2.69m x 3.40m