Court History Warfare

The ancient classical world provided rich material for tapestry narratives, such as the exploits of Alexander, the achievements of Hannibal, Scipio or of Julius Caesar and portrayed numerous battles and triumphal processions, reflecting the glories of ancient times. Courtly rituals were also depicted such as betrothals, marriages and coronations.  These tapestries were prominently displayed by Renaissance princes and kings, such as Henry VIII and Francis I, who were interested to identify their own wars and conquests with celebrated campaigns from the past and, in some ways, to be seen by their contemporaries as the living embodiment of historic heroes.

Gothic Coronation Tapestry

Price on application


Brussels, circa 1515 – 1520
10ft 9in width x 8ft 9in height
3.28m x 2.67m
Provenance:  Edward James collection, West Dean, Sussex

  • The Early History of Rome

    The Early History of Rome


    Renaissance Tapestry Panel
    Brussels, circa 1540 – 1550
    From the series Romans and Sabines
    Design attributed to Giulio Romano (c.1499 – 1546)
    4ft 5in width x 8ft 6in height
    1.35m x 2.59m

  • Alexander and the Slaying of Cleitus

    Alexander and the Slaying of Cleitus


    Rare Gothic Morality Tapestry
    France, circa 1510
    9ft 0in width x 9ft 5in height
    2.74m x 2.87m