Tapestries in Hotels


Tapestries transform the public rooms and stairways of great hotels.  As artworks tapestries can enhance both traditional and contemporary interiors.  A number of hotels contain interesting and important tapestries:


The Carlyle in New York has a superb New Indies tapestry from the Gobelins (illustrated):




The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida has two early tapestries from the Southern Netherlands hanging in The Tapestry Bar and in the reception hall there is an exquisite Beauvais tapestry, The See-Saw (illustrated, detail):




The George V in Paris has 17th and 18th century Brussels tapestries in La Galerie.  In Le Bristol, Paris there is a fine and varied collection including an exceptional set of Teniers tapestries from the workshops of Guillaume Werniers.  In its Salon d’Hiver there is a tapestry depicting a game of ninepins, illustrated:



The Hotel du Cap, d’Antibes and Chateau Saint Martin and Spa both situated on the Cote d’Azur have tapestries in their public areas.  The Hotel Negresco in Nice has an interesting 17th century Brussels tapestry, from a design by David Teniers called Le Temps Enchaîné par l’Amour, hanging on one of the walls in its bar.  On the first floor is another 17th century tapestry, a heraldic Paris tapestry with the arms of Princess del Caretto and Prince Philippe-Charles d’Arenberg on the occasion of their wedding in 1684.

The Hotel La Mirande in Avignon has installed tapestries into each of its guest rooms, as well as in its dining room and the Hotel d’Europe, Avignon has two tapestries hanging on the upper level of its lobby.

The Ritz in Lisbon has an interesting collection of 20th century Portuguese woven tapestries, while The Bussaco Palace Hotel, in Luso is reported to have several “rare tapestries.”

The Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens features a large 18th century Brussels tapestry, Alexander’s Entrance in to Gaugamela, hung approriately in the hotel’s Alexander Bar.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil,  the Hotel Porto Bay displays a Southern Netherlands tapestry depicting Cleopatra and Mark Anthony in prominent postion on its grand staircase (illustrated):





The Hotel Hassler in Rome contains a splendid 16th century Giant Leaf tapestry panel from the Southern Netherlands and the Hotel Cavalieri in Rome has a fine example of an 18th century Beauvais tapestry panel, entitled The Audience of the Emperor from the famous series The Story of the Emperor of China (illustrated):





In England Great Fosters, Egham has two early 17th century tapestries from the Southern Netherlands hanging in the Tapestry Room situated in the main house area of the hotel.  In the Bailisffscourt Hotel & Spa, a country house in Climping, West Sussex there is a 16th century figurative tapestry panel.

In the Hotel President Wilson, Geneva there is an important set of 17th century Paris tapestries and in The Castillo Hotel Son Vida in Majorca has a fine Teniers tapestry in its George Sand lounge.


Franses provide a full range of advisory services to hotels and their designers who may be considering acquiring tapestries – this includes curatorial expertise, conservation, installation, lighting and insurance appraisals.