Loans to Exhibitions

 We assist with international museum exhibitions by making loans from our inventory.  Museums we have assisted include:

With the permission of private owners we place curators in direct contact in order to assist requests for exhibition loans.

Services to Museums

The gallery provides free appraisals, based on the most up to date market information, especially for inter-museum loans.  We frequently represent international museums at auction.  Works have been aquired for, among others:

Photo Library

The policy of Franses Images is to provide free copyright images from our photo library for any scholarly books or articles.  The number of images that have been published is too extensive to list.

Research Archive

The Franses Archive has provided free research information to museums and scholars since its foundation in 1987.

Gifts to Museums

The Gallery has made a number of gifts to museums to fill gaps in their collections.  This includes a Marion Dorn rug from the 1930’s to The Art Institute, Chicago and two pieces to The Victoria and Albert Museum – The Crossley Mosaic, a double-sided carpet panel, one of the largest made: .

–  and “Artichoke,” a carpet sample by William Morris produced between 1875-1880: