Franses Conservation provides specialist cleaning and conservation services for carpets, tapestries, and needlework. Though there is a waiting list, these services are available to collectors, museums, and institutions. The large, high security studios in central London employ a team of eight highly trained conservators, restorers, and technicians. These specialists provide an enormous breadth of accumulated experience, having treated thousands of different objects. The team is uniquely qualified to undertake the most difficult and challenging projects on museum quality works.



The objective of Franses Conservation is to conserve and restore works, where appropriate, to a condition in which the works may be safely used by their owners. Frequently, the restorers are asked to treat objects damaged by floodwater, pets, or even fire. Experience demonstrates that insensitive or inappropriate restoration will detrimentally and irreversibly affect the beauty, character and value of an object.


In each case a methodical process is followed, beginning with a thorough examination of the object to assess the areas, and the nature, of damage and weakness. Each treatment option is carefully evaluated and communicated to the client for consideration, along with carefully estimated costings. Dye testing, consolidation and hand cleaning usually follow, and important projects are photographically documented and recorded. For conservation and restoration, wools, silks, and cottons of all kinds are selected, and frequently are specially dyed to match the original shades.


Following completion of conservation, the work is prepared for transportation. Advice is available on how works may best be maintained in good condition to preserve both their beauty and value.


Carpets and tapestries from the following institutions and historic houses have been treated: Blenheim Palace, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Waddesdon Manor, Somerleyton Hall, Broadlands.


I have a carpet, tapestry that needs cleaning, restoration or conservation – can you help?

A team of eight experienced specialists take care of our inventory and can also undertake work for clients. There is generally a waiting list.

How do I obtain your quotation for conservation work to my carpet or tapestry?

Send us an email giving a description of the damage or areas needing attention with close-up images of these areas. From this we can make an initial assessment, and we can usually evaluate at this stage whether we can help. Do note however that quotations for conservation work cannot be prepared without a physical inspection of the object. We will supply fully costed treatment options for you to consider, along with a completion date.

Is there a waiting list for hand cleaning only of my carpet or tapestry?

The waiting time for HAND CLEANING ONLY is approximately one month with the work returned to the owner two weeks later.