Do you offer any other after sales services?

Our conservators can maintain your purchase - cleaning, conservation, repairs.  For minor work required we can usually find a local restorer and thus avoid the piece having to be returned to our studios in London.

We provide appraisals for insurance if required.

Do you provide advice about suitable lighting for my tapestry/carpet/textile?

We are able to give general advice.  For new installations we can recommend specialist lighting consultants

What if I redecorate, or move house in the future?

We are frequently interested to buy back works from our clients, or make an offer to exchange or part exchange if our clients are looking to replace their objects.

What happens if I don’t like the work when it arrives, or find that it is unsuitable?

Instruct the art transporter to repack and return the work to us. If it is safely returned to us, undamaged, within 21 days you will receive a full refund, minus transport costs.

How will my carpet/tapestry/textile be transported to me?

We use experienced and proven art packers and transporters to ensure that a carpet, tapestry or textile arrives in the same condition as when it left the gallery. Every work is checked over by our specialist conservators prior to despatch.

Can you discuss suitability with my interior designer or architect?

We are pleased to work with your designer, architect or art adviser.

I know what is beautiful but am not an expert. How can I be sure that the work is authentic and that I am not at risk?

The gallery has been in business for over a century and has an impeccable reputation. A detailed description is provided on the Bill of Sale, which is an absolute guarantee of the object’s authenticity. The Bill of Sale is your legal transfer of title.

How can I be certain of the condition?

We can provide a condition report.

How can I be sure of the real/true colours?

We are aware that different screen monitors may distort colours. Therefore we can provide Pantone colour references for the main colours in any object. Pantone is an internationally accepted colour standard.

I am interested to buy a beautiful tapestry or carpet but rarely visit London or New York. How can I find out what is available?

Let us know what you are looking for by sending us your enquiry on the form below – if you have an architect’s drawing or photo of your space, attach it with the total wall or floor dimensions (not just the space you are looking to fill). Then using our visualizer we can email you options for your space

Do you sell as agents or take property on consignment?

We can propose a sale by consignment if the vendor is prepared to be patient with the sale process. Though a consignment sale may take longer the result is usually a higher net receipt for the object. We can also act as agents for the sale of an object at auction if this route is preferred or advisable.

Why shouldn't I simply sell my carpet/tapestry/textile by auction?

In some cases selling at auction makes sense but in others, especially for works requiring a specialist sale, these auctions are infrequent. It is a fact that numbers of unsold objects at auction remain high, especially if works are not in good enough condition to attract interest from private buyers. Even after a sale at auction, the percentage of the total sale prices taken as commission by the auction house can be as high as one third. It can also take several months to receive payment for an object sold at auction.

What if I want to sell my carpet/tapestry/textile but have no idea of the current market value?

After receiving an offer to buy we will advise whether it is an object of interest or not. If not, we usually try to suggest various options for disposal. When we are interested to buy we encourage the vendor to seek their own market valuations from leading appraisers or auction houses. After the vendor has completed their own research we will then make a cash offer for the work, usually payable within 48 hours.

I have a carpet/tapestry/textile that I wish to sell. Would you be interested?

We currently receive up to twenty offers to buy objects every week, mostly through email to We ask that vendors, or their representatives, supply us with digital images (including a detail image of the reverse if the object is a carpet). All offers to buy are treated as strictly confidential and we will respond within two working days.