Franses are not general valuers.  In the English-speaking world the firm is regarded as the most authoritative appraiser of rare and unique tapestries and carpets, as well as exceptional works of textile art.

In the UK Franses are valuers for Heritage Lottery Grants and have assisted with grants to the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Glasgow City Arts Galleries among others. We frequently carry out indemnity valuations for inter-museum loans for exhibitions, especially in the US.  Last year valuations were provided to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the National Trust in England.

Accurate appraisal requires an appreciation of an object’s historical importance and rarity and needs to be based on thorough and detailed comparative data.  The firm has access to the Franses Archive – the most extensive reference library in the field.

Inaccurate valuations, whether for sale or insurance, are surprisingly common and can have disastrous consequences.  Frequently this is a caused by a simple misappraisal of an object or its rarity or significance.


Collectors and buyers of outstanding works since WWII have seen spectacular appreciation, often an unexpected consequence of their acquisitions.  Today, with increasing rarity of these works and rising values, buyers are more conscious of works as a safe store of value.

The holy grail of collecting or investment is the super prime object, one that will prove to be the best store of value as the number of like works in private ownership declines and knowledge and information becomes more accessible and widespread to other buyers. These objects are measured on beauty, usability, desirability, certitude of provenance, and condition.  Most importantly they are faultless.

It is the ability to evaluate works and especially very rare works that is essential.  The Franses Archive is a unique tool for this purpose.

Franses provide advice to a number of medium and long term investment funds on investments in textile art.