Woodland Landscape Tapestry
Woven at the Royal Aubusson Workshops
France, Early 18th Century
16ft 0in width x 9ft 3in height
4.88m x 2.82m

Procession of Archers
Tapestry Panel
Southern Netherlands, Second Half 16th Century
2ft 10in width x 7ft 2in height
2.18m x 0.86m

Ningshia Carpet
with Medallion and Roundels
China, Late 18th Century
8ft 4in length x 5ft 5in width
2.54m x 1.65m

Antique Indian Carpet
of Exquisite Colour
Agra, 19th Century
10ft 8in width x 9ft 3in height
3.25m x 2.82m

Lahore Gallery Carpet
with Abstract Design
India, circa 1850
11ft 8in width x 6ft 0in height
3.56m x 1.83m