Scholars, Researchers

From the mid nineteenth century a select group of international scholars built the research foundations of these subjects and published various seminal works.  Their research made possible the accurate identification and classification of works as well as serious critical evaluation.

Tapestries and Textiles

Phyllis Ackerman, Candace Adelson, Janet Arnold, May Beattie, Pascal-François Bertrand, John Böttiger, Agnes Branting, Thomas P Campbell, Adolfo Cavallo, Grace Christie, Rosemary Crill, Guy Delmarcel, Otto von Falke, Maurice Fenaille, Heinrich Göbel, Jules Guiffrey, Wendy Hefford, George Leland Hunter, Fabienne Joubert, Achille Jubinal, A F Kendrick, Donald King, Christine Klose, Betty Kurth,  Santina Levey, H C Marillier, Florence Lewis May, Lucia Meoni, Ingrid de Meuter, Sigrid Müller-Christensen, Eugène Müntz, Linda Parry, Alexandre Pinchart, Arthur Upham Pope, Anna Rapp, James Rorimer, Natalie Rothstein, Marie Schuette, Geneviève Souchal, Edith Standen, Monica Stucky-Schurer, C E C Tattersall, William Thomson, Pierre Verlet, George Wingfield Digby.

Carpets and Rugs

Cecil Edwards, Hans Bidder, Andrei Andreyevich Bogolyubov, John Kimberly Mumford, Maurice Dimand, Wilhelm von Bode, Ernst Kuhnel, Arthur Urbane Dilley, Charles Grant Ellis, Murray L Eiland, Kurt Erdmann, Richard Ettinghausen, Werner Grote-Hasenbag, Julius Lessing, F R Martin, Arthur Upham Pope, Friedrich Sarre, Hermann Trenkwald,  Emil Schmutzler, Ulrich Schurmann, Pierre Verlet.